MYMS 15: Why networking is essential to growing your movement with Dave Burlin.

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Have you ever been stabbed with someone’s business card?

Your not always going to be passing around that business card or that title, and now we cannot “pass around that business card at all”

2 years ago I met Dave Burlin at a The Thing Live in Orlando with Terry Weaver! Dave started the #WhyNetworking movement… and it was an absolute joy to connect with Dave again on the Marketing Your Movement Show.

By going further than an exchange of each other’s pitch and business card… Dave and i had some amazing conversations and connected to share each others movement’s!

Building authentic relationships will circle back around at the right time!

About Dave Burlin

Dave Burlin is a Marine Corps Veteran, and he believes that influence is the core foundation for growth. His passion is to help people maximize their influence potential so that they can create and lead innovative organizations that make a positive impact on our world. 

Dave encourages leaders to maximize their full potential of influence by helping them communicate their vision, and invest in their greatest resource; their people. Creating a culture built on trust and communication allows a team to work and communicate at the highest level, so they can serve more people, and in turn sell more stuff. With growth comes more opportunity for leaders to emerge, and the cycle of leadership and influence continues.

Dave has had he honor and privelege to be a Facilitator of the Why Discovery Course by Simon Sinek, a TEDx Speaker in 2014, and he has been sharing the concept of #WHYNETWORKING for the last 2 years.

He currently serves as a City Leader for Bunker Labs in Las Vegas, NV. Bunker Labs, is a non-profit organization with a focus to help equip, inspire, and connect Veterans and their spouses with resources to start and grow businesses. 

In addition to his local support for Veterans, he also serves as a coach, peer mentor, ,and speaker with IMPACT A HERO, a Veteran organization in HOUSTON TX that is changing the conversation in the Veteran Community to POST TRAUMATIC GROWTH.

The way he funds these volunteer passions is by helping organizations and individuals and organizations set big goals, move the needle and scale! Currently, he is on the team at LightSpeed VT, and serves as the Content Curator, building one of the largest libraries of personal and professional developments.

“I believe that influence is the core foundation for growth. It is my passion to help people maximize their influence potential so that they can create innovative organizations that bring positive change and impact to the world. “ – DAVE BURLIN

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