MYMS 07: Where to Find your first movement maniacs!

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Discovery How to Find your first movers with the Diffusion of Movement Adoption

Finding your fans, tribe, followers, friends…
… Its not in the hustle, its in the connections.

I recall wondering… where am i going to find all my podcast listeners???
There is was sitting on a cold fall day, asking myself… who is going to listen to this podcast. Why am i doing this.

I was scared and feeling uncertain…
…Was anyone really going to listen to me monologue for 20+ min?

Then I was talking with a friend who said it sound like your starting with your why.

And then it hit me in Simon Sinek teaching
Simon talks about Rodgers Law of diffusion.

And then it hit me… i need to find the first crazy few… the one’s willing … not desiring to be the first who heard about it… the one’s who wanted to claim status as an early adopter.

The movement diffusion is broken into 5 stages

You might be wondering who are all these people who will come and engage with this Content?

The 5 stages of the movement diffusion

  1. The innovators… those crazy few who create the future before we’ve even seen it.
  2. The early adopters, those zany folks who want to be first… who can’t wait for the next …
  3. Early Majority… those folks who do it because “so and so” said it was worth while
  4. Late majority… stragglers who are more interested in the utility and cost.
  5. The laggards, the skeptics… still using the rotary phone. Stragglers who naysay your movement.

When your first growing your movement as a leader look for the few..
The Freethinkers,…
The ones who wait in lines for days to get an iPhone.

Your looking to find early adopters.

These early adopters are the champions of your cause.
They will be your evangelists that validate your movement to the early majority.

Focus on creating a new opportunity for the early adopters… those looking for something new and exciting.
Don’t just improve their lives.

Improvement only sells to ambition… only a small amount of people desire to improve.

Give the Early Adopters a new opportunity to belong… to be a part of it all… to receive results in your offer.
What outcome can happen because of your solutions? 

Show your prospects a new path… a completely new way of getting past the gap.

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