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Within that entrepreneurial pioneer spirit, there is that ‘Thing’, the side gig, that project, the innovation, a new breakthrough idea; “the thing” we’re working on putting together, that has “JUST GOTTA HAPPEN”, that is just waiting for the right moment!

Well at The Thing 2018 Terry Weaver brought together an A-Team of speakers instilling belief, hope, and momentum into the dreams and visions. The Moment for your thing is Now

Sometimes one must take ‘A Leap of faith’, with belief that the world is there to back you, because the world needs your thing!

My highlights from 2018’s The Thing Conference:

Terry Weaver: Creator of “TheThingLive”

No innovation; No great work of creativity is done in isolation; Greatness has always been achieved in the collaborative collective of a community!

Sometimes you need to move together with relentless momentum to crash through the obstacles to your thing – Connecting as a collaborative community – Be a part of a herd – The collective has what it takes to make an impact.

“Herds are unstoppable:
If you want to go fast go alone
But if you want to go far, go together”

Logan Sekulow: @logansekulow

“No matter the outcome, by creating our Ideas new doors will begin opening.”

Working for free can pay off under the right circumstances. Listen and feel out your gut instinct; in Logan’s case, he was able to work with Dick Van Dyke, a childhood dream, and legend.

Because of generosity, Logan was invited to create “Welcome Home, Dick Van Dyke”

Rob Lott:

“There is a reason the circus is thrilling and its not because it’s safe – Be the Circus – Be Thrilling” – Rob Lott

Giving a great experience has the potential to change lives.
Don’t shy away from the dangerous position

Travina Barber: Priority VA

There are great gifts within each of us, and we need to dig further into working from our passions, our obsessions, the Zone of Genius within each and every one of us as… Creatives – Visionaries – High Achievers.

In order to create our best we need guardrails to keep us going when the going gets rough, and chaos strikes!
Guardrails can save your ideas… your dreams…

SO…Let go of some stuff (work tasks) to stay in your ‘zone of genius!’ The world needs it!

By onboarding supportive help, an assistant we put in guardrails up for our businesses, delegating the projects, and systems that keep us stuck in the mud!

The primary key to successfully working with a VA, Virtual Assistant, is to…

“Outsource Outcomes – not tasks

What guardrails do you have to help you to the impact of collisions? (challenges, Chaos, unforseen’s etc.)

McNair @realmcnair

Don’t Stop asking curious questions, be as curious as a child… create as a child.

Questions and curiosity are the best tools in life.

Press your big idea into the boundaries of a budget, the constraints will produce massive creative problem-solving.

Justin Schenck

The Rules of podcasting… and creating online content.

  1. Consistency is key
  2. Work WIth and Leverage Your Great Audience
  3. Get featured on other podcasts / other Content.
  4. Write- Write- Write …and get written about.
  5. Your network is your net worth.

You are who you surround yourself with.

BOUNS: Authenticity is all that matters. Your the same person in real life as in the show.

“Podcasting is a great way to stock your pond with fish. It is deep not wide”

Check out Justin’s Podcast  @GNMPodcast

Craig Fraser @craigfraserstudios

“If your not your own best fan than something is wrong… If your bored with your creative work, then other people are too.”

Susie Miller @susiemiller5

“Is being right more important than your relationships…
…Is your ‘thing’ the affair in your relationship?
Entrepreneurs will lose their business if their marriages break up.
We pursue success for the relationships around us.

Act from your commitments and not your emotions

  1. Be aware of what will get in your way
  2. Act from commitments
  3. Be willing to sacrifice

If you will listen deeply, learn with new lenses and love well you will be on the other side of success.

Work hard at the relationships that matter most…Schedule time for your relationships!

We can serve our customers really well if we take time to encourage each other – to be human
The only reason we are given a platform of influence is to pass it onto other people! To serve and bless!

Michael Hudson

Don’t hide your ideas…Choose to…

step up – show up – speak up

“You cannot be you when your in the wrong room”

Think about your life’s journey! You have experienced and know something others don’t know; or something in a different perspective. Solve that problem with your unique solution! When we look back on our journeys we see several lessons learned, It’s what we share… We draw from our journey.

When you learn to tell a story and create a sense of what’s possible and repeat that message…
…you’ve got a powerful position. Tell a story – teach a lesson!

Own your message and don’t change it! Show up as your authentic self!
You’ll draw in the people you really connect with!

Go listen to Michael Hudson’s Podcast – Get Your Message Heard

Liz Pineda

Marketing is a process of creating touch points.

Funnels channel Influence… A way you sell something through an ongoing story framework…

…a series of steps building a relationship from stranger to them begging you to take their money, turning advertising into profits using automation.

A marketing Funnel requires a foundation…

“Hook them with the words they use, and then educate them with the ways.”

…There are 3 key elements to building a great foundation of a Marketing Funnel.

  1. Your Avatar: Who can you solve one painful problem for. You need to know your audience!
  2. A Signature Message
  3. A Signature Solution

What is your one of a kind solution, Your unique proprietary process; What mountain have you successfully climbed in which you can show the way up? What is the #1 frustration you want to solve?

Working to develop your signature solution? Liz has a brilliant 9 part framework to clarify your solution and messaging; streamlining your selling process. Check her out at http://go.lizpineda.com/thething

Jeff Goins

“Success is not about what you do but who you become! It’s about generously sharing your unique gift with the world!”

Reach out and change the world. Dispel the myth of the starving artist and Discover the way of the thriving creator.

“You have to steal. Steal whatever you see…but if you do, steal from the best” Michael Caine

3 rules of the thriving artist

  1. Start by stealing from your influences: Begin by Studying the work of great people. Creativity is the rearranging of what is already in front of you. Copy from the greats who have gone before you. Skill gains inspiration through action, take your first actions by copying what inspires you!
  2. Practice in public: You get much better having to do it in front of people… having an audience gets you to bring your A game
  3. Cultivate Patrons: Go network and connect with people who have resources. Forget being bashful, Find people who want your work to be seen…No one is going to pick you, you have to pick yourself.

Strategy: Be Someone’s Case Study!

Let somebody know how they work has impacted you. Reach out and thank someone for their work… How its influencing and impacting you. Become someone else successful case study.

Michael Robinson

“The most successful people are the most resourceful failures”

Any journey to success has been steeped in failures that taught them valuable lessons. Failure is a space we move through — what did you observe along the journey? Your failures are a foundation for your future

You cannot manufacture authenticity, you have to own who you are! It is hard to keep moving when you don’t know who you are!

David Burlin @daveburlin

“There is no spoon – there is the power through the people we know in order to make things happen…. Just ask for it”

The people you think will say no will often say yes! But its always a no if you don’t ask. Just start moving, you will find your voice along the way. Measure Success by Impacted Lives!

Mike Kim

“When we influence language we influence thinking”

People feel something through the words we use! Your in business in order to sell something, so marketing matters.
Marketing is not about making a sale, it’s about opening a relationship.

There are ‘3 Identities’ to every brand, big or solo…

  1. Values
  2. Visual
  3. Verbal

The power of your VOICE, the stories only you can tell, is a brand marker that makes you unique.  You need words to influence people.
The nuance of Verbal Identity depends on being authentically relatable. What message are you bringing your market?

Listen to Mike’s Amazing Podcast – Brand You

In Conclusion Of The Thing 2018

Ideas take ACTION… Show up and add value… be a door holder for someone else!
Every success story is a story of a community!

Shape the future world that is too come, that is forming now…
…Do Something Remarkable… Do ‘The Thing’ that burns inside of you!

SO!… I would like to know, What is “The Thing” that burns inside of you?

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