The 6 Touch-Points of Relationship-Based Marketing Automation!

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What’s the relationship that you have with your list?

I imagine you’ve worked hard to create a connection and build up a trusting relationship with your personal brand

However, it might seem like your unable to scale your business,

But automation feels like your somehow abdicating the connections!
I’m here to tell you how you can use automated marketing to grow your business by causing conversations to happen in context!

There is a saying out there…

“Content is King”

However, that content is meaningless without context around the conversation.
The word, clicks, videos, pictures — Your personal brand, the way people perceive you…

This all created context around how people are perceiving the content on your recent…

  • Social Media Post
  • Blog Post
  • Free eBook
  • Webinar
  • Podcast

And the list goes on with the content you’ve created!

The context is built through nurturing and growing relationships through the content you create!

Relationship-based marketing will strengthen the trust between your people and your profit.

“The Relational Context Is Kingdom To Your Content!”

Develop authentic relationships by incorporating human touchpoints within your marketing automation.

I was recently on Mike Kim’s Podcast, ‘The Brand You Podcast’ BYP Episode 227, and he had this to share:

Duane really really helped me incorporate some aspects within the funnel automation that we built where I didn’t really feel like I lost ground in the personal connection with people on my list.
I just love the data-driven approach that Duane gave me on our work together. This evergreen automated funnel is up and running as we speak and I don’t feel like I’ve lost touch with the list.
Mike Kim

Don’t abdicate building relationships for baiting buyers!

Successfully sell your solutions with the 6 sequential touchpoints for influencing your audience towards their life transformation! 

Your Relationships are like rocketships…

…and that’s why I’ve created the LISTEN Framework.

Your One Relationship Away

So always LISTEN with your marketing…

L: Locate the audience
I: Invite them to take action
S: Survey them to deepen the relationship
T: Teach them your knowledge
E: Empower them with success stories
N: Nurture your tribe’s success

Locate Your Audience And Engage Their Felt Needs

This might seem Novel… but just go hang out where your dream customers are…

This is why every marketer tells you to fill out their persona profile.
Get in the conversation’s going on in their head.

Go start conversations on your social profile.
You have to show up consistently in people’s lives… as a human being… Not the used car salesman!

This is where you’re working hard to help people get to know you…
Sharing personal stories, your personal values, and business philosophy. 

This way people start to like you,
And trust you enough to give you an email address when you…

Invite them to take action with a simple solution

This is where to position the conversation around a simple solution…
… Helping your audience get a simple big win. 

What is one thing they can do today that will make a difference today?

You invite them in to start making movement and progress by inviting engaged followers with a simple gift, that PDF in exchange for an email address. 

It’s a simple gift that helps them solve a problem on that day. So they can begin taking a simple action from A to B, moving them towards their transformation.

What secret step from your solutions could you share that creates a first step of commitment towards growth?

You’ve shared your secret sauce in order to receive their email so you can…

Survey people with insightful questions seeking a deeper connection

Relate with your new connection in a deeper way by asking valuable questions. 

I don’t mean a survey with an annoyingly long survey like the ones you get from the supermarket after you went shopping! 

Ask simple, intriguing, valuable questions getting a person to commit to finishing the first step you shared in the invitation suggestion.

Here are 2 ideas.

First, Use Your autoresponder Email,
I like to ask people to answer these two questions in the very first email.

What’s your biggest challenge you’re having in scaling your personal brand right now?
What’s one way I can help you move forward?

Getting those replies begins a conversation in the context of a problem I can help them solve.

Getting a reply in an email is not only good for building relationships…
…it also keeps you out of the dreaded spam folder. 

Second, You can also use Facebook ads to talk to the people who’ve taken just your PDF and ask them a question as an ad and seem like you’re everywhere without being annoying…
… Finding a creative way of asking,  “did you take action with that suggestion?”

“What’s been the greatest insight that you found by filling out the questions?” 

This will cause engagement and commitment to taking action towards their transformation?

Get a return on your influence.

Your creating connection will get people excited to hear you…

Teach your knowledge to create belief in your new opportunity!

When people make a comment they are influenced to commit towards actions and become consistent in moving towards that change.

People know they need to move forward in their experience if they just had your A or B moment and they know you can continue to teach them to move forward in their transformation.

You want to pull them in a conversation is into you demonstrating the B to Z.

How are people gonna implement and take steps forward …
…gaining momentum and solving that problem that they’ve come to you for?

You’ve got unique methodology, a unique system that you’re going to teach them to demonstrate how to go from where they are to where they want to be,
or what we frequently reference as bridging the gap. 

You’re going to teach them your …
…Path — Methodology — Framework — Process  — System — etc

Building a bridge of belief suspending from how they’re going to move away from all these problems to where they want to be

“Your teaching is a transference of vision and belief for a better future that gives hope… causing belief in your solution”

In order to finish building the bridge, you’re going to share success stories in order to…

Empower through the inspiring testimonies of other’s success

As a business your here to sell… Selling empowers people to buy into taking the action’s necessary to grow.

The best way to encourage the purchase is sharing the testimonies from those who have had success using your framework.
You can share case studies, testimonial and success stories in…

  • Email followup
  • Retargeting ads
  • The Sales Page
  • Checkout

Keep telling new stories and celebrate your client’s successes along the way. 

Honestly, you should always be sharing the stories in order to…

Nurture your community’s success so they become messengers of your movement!

Keep the conversation going and stay top of mind.

Growing a movement is the most powerful way to market and monetize your personal brand!

Often a missed opportunity… those who have bought from you and had a good experience are the most likely to help your brand grow.

Your personal brand is built by expanding your publicity.
Are you recommendable?
Referrals are often left to chance, which will help your business grow but isn’t predictable.

Unless you ask your tribe to join the movement. Being a part of something gives reason for people to champion the cause of your brand.
Build a system to ask for the stories, reviews, referrals, testimonials, shout outs. 

People buy-in because of your solution… but stay for the community.
Lead a community where people want to belong and invite their friends to join. When you nurture your tribe’s success they will see too it that you receive yours.

This is what I call Marketing Your Movement!

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