MYMS 12: The 5 most common remote work mistakes

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Being locked up at home is not normal remote work.

If there is anything I’ve learned during this shocking season is that i derive creative energy from getting out frequently.

  • Working from a coffee shop
  • Writing podcast notes over a beer at the local brew publ
  • Collaborating over lunch with other creatives.

This is not normal for remote work.
However after more than 14 years of working remote and mobile…
… I’ve discovered 5 common mistakes to avoid.

Everyone is craving connection right now…
… And many are suddenly working and leading teams remotely without any experience.

These 5 mistakes are happening and frustrating many people… spread the news to help folks adjust fast.

Don’t make these 5 common mistakes when going remote with your work.
It’s no longer business as usual!

Covid-19 is changing the way we do life… let alone work. This shaking is a great opportunity to evaluate and upgrade your systems.

I’ve been remote and or mobile working since 2007, and I’ve discovered many tips and tricks to successful collaboration when working remotely.
And I’ve found common issues that hinder success.

Eliminate these 5 mistakes from your business and you can see an uptick in productivity… happiness… and revenue.

  1. The Dreaded Silo Effect… Don’t isolate with your work. Connection is key
  2. Too many communications Channels.
  3. Trying to implement to many tech solutions at once.
  4. Not documenting your processes and clarifying your expectations
  5. No Deadlines

Could one of these 5 remote working mistakes be affecting your business?

The opportunity for autonomy with work could create a leap in our economy that has felt like a long time coming. Lead your clients, contractors, freelancers with success by creating connections, having clear expectations. and giving feedback and review on a regular basis!

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