MYMS 11: The 3 essential roles of a movement leader

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People are in desperate need of leaders to rise up!
Especially during this time of crisis and chaos with the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

The world is looking for change-makers. How you lead your movement will determine your impact, influence and income in the next year. More than normal.

There are 3 essential functions of a movement leader.

  • Leading
  • Development
  • Caring

Give direction, build people up and care for their needs.

You’ll gain massive momentum as you become recommendable in the good times and the bad.


Hey and welcome back to the marketing year movement show where we’re hanging out, getting thought leaders, coaches, consultants, movement off the ground and launched to lead people towards their transformation and success. I am so excited to have you here and again this amazing day. As we grow this movement and yours and get these messages out to the world. I want to come today a little bit off script and off my plan as world events unfold in front of our eyes and have been quite a few weeks into this. You likely know the coronavirus, the covet 19 has hit the world. There are places right now as I talk today like Italy where there’s complete lockdown. India has shut its Gates. You cannot get into the country right now unless you’re, you know, in some official delegation. But I have an Indian friend who cannot go home. Uh, there are places shutting down.

I have clients whose children’s schools have closed for a three week period of time with an openness to being closed even longer. And I’m standing here thinking, I think my kids are going to be home with me this week. Uh, so the world is coming to a massive shift and I’ve shared this before as, as somebody who’s really got a message and a heart for seeing a movement that changes the world, you’re not just having another service. You’re not just building another brand. You see what you’re doing in business as creating a movement that your leadership right now is more imperative than ever. And I want to talk about my leadership framework and how I approach and think of leadership in a simple way. I really want to show how you show up as a leader in a season that’s looking for leaders. People are not looking to go learn how to Facebook hack their funnel and how to [inaudible] get their marketing out there through tick talk.

Right now. They’re looking to stay afloat and business. They’re looking for somebody to champion them and I’m here to champion you. If you’re, if you’re scared right now, I want to say, don’t fear stand strong. I, I am here to champion your cause to get behind you. Just shoot me a DM. I am Dwayne Zingale on Instagram, on Facebook. I want to stand by your side. I want to stand with you. We are a community of entrepreneurs, of world changers that will stand strong and lead people through the storm to what’s next. I really believe this is a season of challenge set before us and a season of when things are hard, when things don’t look so good. Uh, when there’s no TP and you have to use your hand, I really hope you don’t have to use your hand. But having lived in India, it’s not as bad as you think, but find something else.

Paper tissues, baby wipes, and I say that somewhat jovially because that’s just the strangest reaction I’ve ever had because people don’t have leadership. They’re looking for leaders. People are looking for community right now. Everybody wants to feel safe when there’s a lot to fear and social media news wants to create fear. If you can stand and rise above the storm as a leader, as a light, a beacon of hope, an array of direction, you can really see your influence rise in a time of need, not because you need influence, but because people want you to influence them towards their success, their transformation. So stand strong. I’ve got a three part framework and the way I see leadership, the three functions and roles of leaders, and I don’t want to just share a bit about it. It’s, it’s a similar to kind of seeing a Venn diagram.

If you’ve ever seen a V E N N diagram, it’s okay. I’m going to do it into the video. If you happen to catch this on video, but you know a circle overlaying a circle, kind of like the Olympic circles and then a third circle. So you have points of contact and they have one center point of contact that’s often called the sweet spot. So it’s a lot like that. So you imagine that coming together with three elements of leadership and showing up as a leader [inaudible] who people need you to show off as. And these are three functions and you need to be smart about, Hey, I’m showing up this way or this way or this way. And the three words I like to use is leadership is where we lead people kind of in the word itself, but people are looking for direction. We develop people.

That’s why the gurus have done so well. They have a gift in providing development of skills even when they don’t always have the skill themselves. Even if they’ve been hacking it and faking it, doing it as an arm chair teacher. Sometimes they say, which is can I dare say most of the college education system, if you go get an MBA, you learn a whole bunch of theory from somebody who’s never run a business. So when we’re throwing rocks at the gurus, let’s understand that there’ve been gurus on stages in universities around the world preaching theory without experience. So yeah, you might look at somebody like Dan lock or grant Cardone and think, Hmm, is this guy for real? But he’s more real. Then your MBA university professor who’s never even tried to run a a business, teaching you some theory out of a book, get your head out of the book and put your head in the game.

Leadership is not about theory. Leadership is about showing, Oh no, there are a lot of gurus who are going to show up as leaders and there are a lot of gurus who are just going to fall flat. Don’t be a guru show up as a leader. So let’s talk about 0.1 showing up to lead people. What does it mean to lead, especially in times of chaos? Fear when it seems like everything should come under control. The last thing you should do is control your community. However, you should keep a polls to keep poison, to keep dissonance out of your community. You’ve got to be a leader and make people leave. If they are a disruption, you have to show up and what is leading. It’s not always from Oh back. It’s from the front lines. It’s being a support. It’s being the one saying this is the direction we need to go.

People don’t want too many options. People want to say go North. You are going to provide a sort of North star. You’re going to point the direction. This is where you want to go and that’s what I want to point to you. I want to lead you say, get up on your podium, take your platform, share your message. People are waiting and in desperate need in this season for you to show up and share your message. I’ve been reluctant myself to show up and say what I think because there’s a lot of thoughts out there and it can be provocative. They can be provoking. People are looking for leaders, be a light of beacon and hope to squash fear and pointing the direction towards what’s going to be after this because business has forever changed. It’s not going to be business as usual anymore and to share a bit of my thoughts is this one.

The event will be as world-changing as nine 11 was for America and the rest of the world, right? It changed the way the aviation industry work. It changed the way the security industry work. This event will change everything. Business is not going to be the same. You have to lead through that and you have to carry your vision. You have to share your message. You have to, as we talked about, sell the dream constantly. People want to be filled up with hope for the dream. Okay, so we’re going to lead people. What else are we going to do? Well, people need to be developed along the way. That’s why I really liked that word developed. You are sharing as a coach or a consultant, a skillset and an understanding and a connection. Oh, something deeper than the person who’s following you has. They’re looking to you in a lot of ways for your expertise.

I follow those who I follow because they carry a set of expertise that is ahead of me. One mentor I would say is is you know, a decade ahead of me and while some of my more immediate mentor roles and peers are ahead of me in expertise in certain areas, I looked to my friend Nick for guidance and expertise to develop my social media skills so I can show up as a human being and develop others to use relationship-based marketing to show up in their marketing as a human. I work with my friend Jeff on copy you provides expertise. Jeff, you know Jeff and so I work with other people to be developed and never stop as a leader pursuing your own development because you’re leading by example and you being one who always chooses to grow and skill and maturity and emotional intelligence and cultural intelligence.

In your intellect that leads people to do the same. Do as you wish them to do. You’re developing them in your expertise. Don’t stop sharing value. Get out there and deliver high value content. Don’t want it all behind the gate. You can give a lot of way. The more you give, the more people want to come in because they’re not going to come because you have some course, some skill, they’re going to come because you provide leadership and community of people with a similar set of values operating, operating from a similar mindset. They want to be a part of your cause, your movement, what you have that development. You can share freely that leadership you can share freely. This starts at the very top of your relationship building. People should hear yo share those values, share those skills, share operating from that expertise over and over, over and over and by developing people.

Of course, when I feel one semblance of, Hey, you grew, helped me grow from a to B, I trust you from B to Z. Well. A lot of that is, is this why we get up and use the framework with inviting people in and teaching them valuable things before they ever pay a dime? Because that delivery of content displays your competence and they trust you all the more for the development that you’ll bring in their lives personally, professionally, relationally. You bring a lot more than just here’s how to do Facebook ads, here’s how to meditate. You bring a lot more than that development because again, this is a semblance of three things put together and thirdly, people are looking for care and they want that care in a community and care is the words of encouragement. It’s the Pat on the back. It’s the safe place to go in.

Hey, I trying everything you’re saying and it’s not working. Go, Hey, I feel you. You’re doing a great job. Don’t stop now pressing right. That sense of care. I know life just happened and there’ll be a lot of people who need care more than ever because entrepreneurs thought leaders, the people coming to you have likely felt isolated, have not felt a champion wrapping their arms around a shoulder saying, you can do it. Press on. I know life has been hard. I know crap has hit the fan. I know the economy says it’s all going to hell in a hand basket. People are looking to leaders to care for them as a community to provide a safe space to be broken in their brokenness and put those pieces back together. I have a safe place to go. I’m, I’m going through my own mental game, right?

I’m realizing as the landscape of business changes, I need to position a few things differently and I’ve been a a quote unquote funnel guy for several years now and I’m looking at the landscape going funnels as is web design. It’s going to be done by artificial intelligence in the next five years. My job as a funnel, my, my expertise, that’s what I’ve provided provided as a consultant delivering a product, a service. It’s getting it wiped out and going to either have to rise above and do better than an artificial intelligence can do or pivot what I’m helping people do and still using those tools that’ll be used rising above what AI can do and it threw a wrench in what I was thinking when I had that conversation and realization that the world is changing, which means what I do as a service is changing and I have a community to come into and I spent time with my mastermind group and had that safe placed feel like I can be cared for when I was kind of scared about money, I was uncertain about my future.

I was in a lot of ways having a existential like what’s going on with my world moment and because I had a leader who created a community who was developing us in our storytelling and our craft who is making sure we have direction and in the moment of feeling scared, isolated, I was able to be vulnerable, transparent with my community just as I can be with you now that transparency is a feeling of safety. It’s a safety net. When you’re gonna fall, it’s a safety net when it’s all uncertain because those relationships are rocket ships to your future. How was able to fall into that net of care in a leader who created and a community where all of our little group could care for one another, champion each other in a season of fear and and uncertainty in a season of disruption that we’re experiencing in the moment right now.

It is important for you to rise above the noise as a leader and remember, you’re there to lead and give direction, develop and continue to point people to use the right strategies and tactics, the right skills, the right implementation [inaudible] and they also want you to create that community of care of safety where it’s safe to be vulnerable. It’s safe to let loose. It’s the big can shed the veil of isolation that says they’re alone because we don’t have to be alone. Create a community as a leader where they know, they know that they know that your movement is a path through the store. It’s like being a vessel, a sailboat that we know the captain, Oh, my captain will not guide us astray because will follow the captain through the storm and though the ship may sink, we knew we did not sink in vain, but more so we trust that our captain’s skillset leadership will sail through the storm.

Uh, I say lean on the divine in the season. Lean on your communities, lean on your mentors. If you’re feeling scared and don’t know where to go, reach out to me. If you’re uncertain and don’t know what to do, go ahead, please DM me. I am here to champion you. Getting your message out there, holding your movement into a place of gaining energy and momentum because growing your personal brand through a movement is one of the most powerful ways to market and monetize or brand. I say that not as a platitude, but as a true belief, that movement, movement leading a movement will Carrie, you and your community through any changes, whether it be a change in a industry through a change, as massive as we’re experiencing right now. Movements that like Dr. Martin Luther King or Gandhi to speak of a movement. Well, somebody who led and developed and cared for people.

Gandhi is one of my favorite historical people because he, he held India together. India should be a fractured country. That’s possibly 10 20 even a hundred up to a thousand different little countries. But he had a belief and a vision for a movement that would carry India into the future in India is going to be an amazing safe Haven. Amidst this, they’ve locked and shut down their doors because they see it and they’re able to operate in that, that function to quickly move and the holiday for Gandhi lives on and his message carries on. We celebrate Martin Luther King day, right? Because [inaudible] he created a movement that lives on. That’s what’s going to carry your legacy forward, and if you haven’t done so already, thanks for coming by. I’d love it if you hit that subscribe button and become a part of this movement because I want to champion you as you grow your movement. If you’d leave a rating and review, I would be eternally grateful because those moments of feedback are invaluable. As always, get your digital footprint out there. Leave your legacy, Mark your your movement. May your message be heard.

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