MYMS 19: Nurturing your most important Business Asset; Your Email List.

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A healthy List is a wealthy list.

Duane Zingale

A list is the most important asset you can start building to grow your online business

When i had my first marketing opportunity i had the privilege of leveraging an existing email list.
it was a cold un-nurtured large list with massive deliverability and response issues,

However, I was able to resurrect the list and launch a successful 5 figure campaign to get a membership site off the ground.

The 5 figure launch was not just my work… My client has spent years building his email list.

The business asset with the right approach allowed for our success!

The first thing you should start doing when starting an online business is to start growing your email list. If you’re already growing your list, be sure to stay in contact with them.

When we’re thinking about nurturing your email list,
I like to think of building a relationship and creating a connection.

Treat your email interactions like your real-life interactions.

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