Marketing Funnel Power: Transform Your Audience By Creating Connection

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“You have also become a trusted adviser and a friend. And you should think of your clients as dear, valued friends.”  Jay Abraham

Transform Your audience by creating relationship full trust!

Funnels come in all sorts of shapes and sizes… Well, actually their shape is pretty limited, it must achieve a primary function, with a focused design to achieve one thing in the end….

“to guide or channel (something) through.”

Think of a purposeful pour to keep from creating a mess for ourselves or our clients. Delivery of specific contents cleanly in its destination;

I once tried to change the oil on my car… guess what i learned about oil.

Well I don’t have that t-shirt anymore, and my car smelled funny for a few weeks 😕 OPPS!!! In my exuberant attempt to be awesome by changing my car’s oil for the first time; I learn 2 keys things.

  1. Your car only needs so much oil… Yeah I emptied the bottle 😬
  2. I could have prevented a mess (and smell) by using a funnel.
    “I Know Now! 😉”

Perhaps lesson 3 would be… Watch a guided how to video on youtube before you begin!

Needless to say, I’ve stopped changing my oil; spending $25 every now and then has proven to be a far better option than fixing my silly mistakes.

The Magic of Great Sales and Marketing Funnels: CONNECTION

A sales funnel is opportunity to build a deeper relationship, discovering people’s needs and desires through making connection. All by filling voids and solving problems, educating your value new friend on how to achieve their goal.

“My definition of marketing is simple—it’s all about educating the marketplace that your business can solve problems, fill voids, or achieve opportunities and goals the way no other business can.” Jay Abraham

Why all the hype put into this concept of channeling people through sales and marketing funnels? Every Marketer out there seems to be talking “FUNNELS” It almost sounds crude and a rude way to treat people…
…But on the contrary!

Defining the Ethereal Sales Funnel

A funnel is a descriptive metaphor for a systematic process by which people are directed to the solution you have for prospective problems and challenges people might want to solve.

Its been called many things:

  • A pipeline,
  • Client acquisition system,
  • The buyer’s path…
My Favorite name is the Customer Value Journey.

One of My Marketing Mentors, Ray Edwards says…

“Marketing needs to be something we do for people, not something we do to people”

I’ll spin that;

A funnel is a path for people to experience the benefit of your unique value, not a death march we subject someone too.

No matter who you serve, whether in ministry or business, there exists a system, a way for you to meet new people and connect with them to discover whether your unique value proposition provides the solution they desire. Clients, customers, students, even donors need a path that connects them to you by providing Value First!

“Uncertainty is not an indication of poor leadership; it underscores the need for leadership.” Andy Stanley

Your systems exists, it’s just a question of whether you thought them through or not. It’s likely that if you don’t have a process, then you’ve likely got a mess… and Messes, do NOT serve people well.

Relational Bridges Of Trust

A funnel delivers value first. Whether it is educational Value or entertainment: (impactainment) a substance that quickly allows peeps to know, like and trust you.

We trust leaders whose purpose is plain and clear…

…The best funnels area plain and clear path laid out by a guide. Someone who has climbed that mountain before and can guide people through their own transformation, growth, change…to improve their lives.

A funnel is a process by which the sales and marketing team can predictably develop new relationships, create new connections… engaging with people and helping a prospect decide whether your product or service is right for them.

Creating A Spirit Of Fun With Sales & Marketing

Let’s Look at the breakdown of the word funnel;
– Fun; exciting, enthusiasm, something everyone can be happy about
– Nel; Leave people shouting “Whoa NEL-Ly” 😜

A funnel should feel fun. It’s a FUN-nel after all…

Like a wonderfully crafted adventure trail through the woods, made with the purpose of discovery and enjoyment for hikers to immerse themselves in nature and the uniqueness of the trail

A funnel is like that long backpacking trip – a special and fun journey. When you create your funnel, keep your customer in mind and think of how you can delight and wow them in each step or email of the journey.

A funnel guides a buyer on their journey through your handcrafted path to help them have an experience that is special, serving their needs and desires and helping you stay clear on where you are taking them, not overwhelming them with too much information or giving them too little. 

Guiding them to where they want to go, to achieving the epic adventure, the solution they are in pursuit of.

They are seeking out unique guidance you can offer them through your unique trail – your pipeline – a unique process where you can create connection along the Buyer’s Hike.

The best funnels give clients a sense of someone who understands where they are, and giving them hope that they can arrive… finishing their epic adventure with success.

Your sales funnel is about creating a relationship that is full of trust… You have the power to walk your clients through the steps of success, avoiding pitfalls, and leaving any doubt that YOU are the provider and guide with the solutions and support they desire.

Your funnel has the power to create enthusiastic fans as excited and dedicated as Jesus Disciples.

“The Funnel is a Process … Connection is the purpose!”

A sales and marketing funnel is your opportunity to transform minds, offer renewed belief…  Go make impactful connections!

Leave a comment below – How do you want to Impact Others?

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