MYMS 16: Intentionally pausing to create a life of meaningful relationships

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Sometimes we don’t realize it, but the way we interact with our families & friendships will become a mirror into your business life… and your business relationships will reflect into you business.

One of the most important things you get in life are the relationships you enjoy in life. 

In an interview with Dr. Michelle Deering she shares about how Mothers, dads and daughters can intentionally pause to create a life of meaningful relationships.

Lead amazing relationships at home and discover great leadership in your movement!

About Dr. Michelle Deering

The Life Mirror Remedy® (TLMR®) Personal Training Program is a life-changing 1-on-1 program designed to help moms like you increase in confidence, decrease the guilt, and create the kind of relationship you desire to have with your daughter.

Author/Professional Speaker

Mother-Daughter Relationship Consultant (MDRC)

NC Licensed Psychologist, HSP-P 

NJ Licensed Psychologist

Sport Psychologist, Nationally-Board Certified (ABSP)

EMDR Approved Consultant (EMDRIA)

EMDR Certified Therapist (EMDRIA)

Board Certified Tele-Mental Health (BC-TMH) Provider 

Work with me | Curative Connections

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