MYMS 09: Growing your brand through relationship-based marketing

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Trust is your common currency… It is the essential building block of your personal brand!

Lead people from “we just met”, towards becoming messengers of your movement

Personal Brand services and productized services such as Consulting and coaching are sold differently than commoditized products.”

Expert services are sold on reputation, referral, and relationships —
— not features or attributes. It’s built on your leadership and influence!

Trust is your common currency…
…Which is found in cultivating connections… Your relationships are the rocketships!

Stop ‘hacking’ ‘baiting’ ‘hooking’ & ‘hunting’ people for sales!
Build relationship-based marketing funnels by seeking to serve people with a genuine heart.

None of us seeks to be jerks — nor the loathed car salesman…
But when ‘the marketing guru’s’ keep choosing to use language about how they hooked us like some drug addict…
… Baiting buyers for growing their income. If we follow those thoughts, they lead to actions that make us look & feel self-serving.

Languange Influences Thinking

You started a business to bring value to the world.. to see change in people’s lives.
Be attractive with your marketing not a Jerk.

Lead with Relationship and create digital Empathy!

How can we keep building a relationship with our marketing when every aspect of marketing is becoming an automation engine?

First, let me explain the elusive sales funnel
A funnel is simply a systematic repeatable process by which you generate sales.
Locating people + a Funnel = your systematic process

A good sales system turns new connections into conversations.
A funnel streamlines the entire process.

Most people hear about automation and want to automate too much too soon.

Removing a lot of the steps of learning their market. You really don’t want to over automate everything.
Most automated marketing can begin to take the personal aspect out of creating a personnel brand.
Abdicating relationship building for hooking buyers!

“Relationship-based Marketing will Strengthen the Trust between Your People and Your Profit!”

We’re building a marketing funnel for 3 purposes…
1. To grow New relationships by getting their contact information
These are often referred to as leads or prospects.

2. To educate our new found friends on what they need to do for success
3. Sales is about opening a new relationship

Shepherd people away from their problems and towards success.

The goals of our funnels is you can span the bridge from
“we just met”, towards becoming messengers of your mission by making 6 essentials relationship-building steps.

Creating a connection and building a relationship requires communicating with empathy… Communication is built on the ability to LISTEN:

That’s why I’ve created the LISTEN Funnel Framework… And why auditing with my Funnel Forensics checklist is different!

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