3+1 Frameworks for Finding Freedom From Frustration of Fragmented Focus

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There have been a couple houses developing in my neighborhood like a kid on Christmas day – Fully focused on one thing!

Without delay, these builders are moving from one stage of construction to the next.
I was away just one night, returning the next evening to see two houses framed, which came out of nowhere.

They had been laying their foundations setting up a platform for success. Once that was complete they built the entire outside of the houses in about a week. Roofing, siding, etc.  

Having a Blueprint & foundation was imperative to getting the houses built quickly!
This contractor clearly shows his prowess in operating his teams on a clearly laid out foundational system and framework for productivity.

There is a more to get done inside the houses, but the foundation is there for laying the groundwork and creating the framework.

Parameters permit Frequent Focus to get things done and live a life creating value 🙂

I found 3 foundations of creating clarity and a 4th for freeing me from frustration flinging me forward to finding focus. These 4 tools are serving my journey of finding a framework for focusing my energies producing the results when I have found it hard to actually get things done. Helping me identify my goals, increase my productivity and create a focused life.

Each providing a framework to abundantly awaken and amplify your dreams.

Getting things done” by that David Allen

Helping me take everything from my head into a system the create consistency helping taking tasks into a system of … Well getting things done.

Best Year Ever” By Michael Hyatt

Knowing where you want to go through the year helps decide what matters most. A framework for finding clarity to create what you want to focus on that year.

The “Full Focus Planner

The best find ever, the new Full Focus planner gets you off your digital distraction mayhem of notifications. Putting your plans into daily action and consistent review. This planner has tripled my focused productivity.

…and — “Drum Roll” — my fourth foundation for finding focus.
The Free 2 Focus Course Achieve More By Doing Less!”

Want to identify 7 focus killers stealing your time and energy?

Sign up for the “7 Deadly Sins of Productivity” webinar with Michael Hyatt. You will discover the hidden habits undermining your performance and how to change them. What if you could triple your productivity both at work and in your personal life? Tune in to hear more from Michael on how you can achieve this level of performance in your life.

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I fully intend to purchase and join this community of high achievers focusing in on making a world-changing difference from what God has placed in them.

NOTE: The Course Entry Closes on 9/29 – Registration will be closing at 11:59 pm PST and will not be available again until September 2018.

Disclaimer, I am merely sharing my personal journey and the tools which are helping me awaken my dreams and leave a lasting legacy. Sometimes I sign up to receiving an affiliate commission for products I absolutely love.  This includes the coming Free 2 Focus Course with M Hyatt. The fact is affiliate marketing gives incentive for me to share, but I choose to share only that which I find useful, whether receiving a commission or not.  

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