Avoid Serving Crappy Coffee with UnFiltered Automation

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I love my morning french press coffee… except for when one problem happens. A disgusting pile of coffee grounds in the bottom of my cup 🙁 Ugh!
…Another cup ruined with grim in my teeth and slim needing washed down with coffee that’s already ruined.

The solution:
Double filtering with a strainer. No more mornings ruined.

Like unfiltered coffee, your customer service e-mail inbox can fill with an overwhelm of inquiries and requests leaving a bad taste in your mouth. The people you set out to serve have left you feeling agitated, asking the same questions over and over.

Add a secondary filter to your customer service process. Put what is important in front of you.
Don’t sift through everything. Digging around every corner where a comment or question can be left.

Create a dashboard.

Bring those customer issues into your customer service dashboard. My dashboard of choice is trello. Its free, and very malleable. You can create lists on your app that identify what is important. What you can delay, and when you should delegate. The dash allows you to know when your customer is taken care of or is still waiting on service. Have someone helping you, easily see the status of the workload

Craft Canned Responses

Have you written the same thing over and over and over and… “wait I think that has been said before!” It is a time huge vacuum rethinking the same response multiple times. Capture your responses to the most common questions answered. Can them in a ready to serve up the format. These are known as macros.

Automate your filtering

Recently I helped set up a simple customer service dashboard for an eCommerce company. Helping automate and streamline customer service.

Previously, taking comments on orders and quotes got lost and often missed. A customer service opportunity missed can mean lost connection and a customer who goes bye bye 😔

Yet every stage of the quote to order process was creating a headache of duplicates. That’s where a process through the Zapier’s filtration tool came in. Bring only what needs to be manually seen into view on the dashboard.

Setting up a filter on Zapier is simple. However, each application has its own options.
Don’t be afraid to experiment with your possibilities.

To get going with filters…

  1. Start with deciding which conditions need to be seen on your customer service dashboard.  
  2. Search your trigger types that can identify what to filter. i.e… ‘contains’, ‘is not in’, etc.
  3. Tell the appropriate conditional filter and what to do with the filter type. ie. Exists, greater than, etc.
  4. Write in the value of the condition.
  5. Have an and/or situation, add multiple filters.

Filters can get tricky and may not work on your first try. Be sure to test it on yourself and optimize the outcome.

Filtering out the clutter, and keeping human connection top of priority while reducing workload. Saving Time, and energy to go create meaningful customer service experiences.

Start Automating your workload today. Go through all your processes taking these 8 steps to automate your workflow.
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