MYMS 18: Content marketing exists to build relationships, not to sell stuff With Nick Cavuto.

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There are three problems you can solve in the world. It’s either …

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships

In my interview with Nick Cavuto, he shared with us how Relationships are rocketships to a fulfilling life and growing your business.

Business really is about is relationships!

It’s more than just the authentic connection with your audience or the people you serve, or who you feel called to help.

it also has to do with creating real and raw connection!

That’s why Nick Love’s using Social media.

Entrepreneurs are going to change the world… and Social Media provides a platform for raw and real relationship to happen.

You just have to think about using the platforms differently. You have to understand that

  • There is a Context of the platform
  • Social media Exists to build relationship
  • Your goal is to build trust.

If people trust you, they’re willing to get to know you. And once they get to know you, then they’re gonna buy from you. 

You can connect with Nick on his exclusive Facebook Group Here.

Grab the 13 Post types to lead with relationship first in all your content creation. Just ask Nick for “13 Post Types”

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