MYMS 13: 5 idea’s for reducing stress and anxiety during crisis

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​I don’t know about you but I’m always having to manage my stress and moments of anxiety.

Now there is a worldwide crisis.

“I’ve even heard things have gotten so bad… the earthquakes have moved to Idaho”

Bad joke aside…

…I’m responding with hyper-vigilance to keep aware my heart, mind, and soul.

To take ownership of my
Thoughts — feelings — health — spirit!

I want to show up as a leader championing and supporting your movement
I imagine you want to show up as a leader too!

One leadership superpower is to be vulnerable and transparent!
This will build trust and relatability…
… especially in times of crisis like Covid-19.

However, people don’t want emotionalism spewed all over them…

“Scars are cool, oozing gross blood and guts is not”
Your community is not your therapist, nor your life coach.

By sharing your life lessons from real & raw scars you can create a bond with your influence!
This is your community and they want to know what’s going on with you because they are modeling after you.

Don’t be the rockstar guru with platitudes, and mannerisms…
…crisis will differentiate those who care for people’s hearts and those who love themselves.

A crisis will reveal narcissism and every other emotion your dealing with.

This week i wanted to be extra vulnerable and share 5 tips I am using during the COVID-19 Pandemic to keep stress in check and anxiety at bay.

  • Less social media consumption
  • Choosing carefully which conversations to participate in.
  • Morning Yoga and Meditation
  • Afternoon Nap & walk with the dog/family
  • Intentionally reaching out to my friends for connecting and sharing my crap.

Being human means dealing with emotions, and everyone can relate to that.

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