MYMS 08: 4 ways of creating contrast with your communication!

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‘If you not creating a genuine connection by listening and empathizing with people then your influence will fade onto the leader who actually shows up.

Marketing your movement isn’t just about​ marketing…
this is about leadership.

A movement is generating energy and momentum towards a purposeful destination.

Showing people the way to » PLEASURE ISLAND

Influencing and inspiring change.

Leading people to become who they are meant to be.

In order to make an impact, people need to comprehend the chasm between where they are now and the gap to where they long to be.

You need to connect with their pains and frustrations and help them believe they can reach pleasure island. 

Communicate the contrast of how it was before to what it’s like after.

As a leader, you’re a beacon of hope! 
Your message is the encouragement in the uncertain moments.

Your message creates belief in the midst of unbelief.

Your community needs you to share your message and speak to their emotional being with a message
Lead with your stories telling tales of transformation.

Share the journey, the raw and real picture of how painful things were creating a contrast to reaching your dreams feels! Paint the picture of before and after. Your movement will change the world.​

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