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What Clients Are Saying...

What Clients Are Saying...

“Duane was prompt, professional, and really took initiative on our projects. He was very ahead of the curve in helping us get our assets created and created a profitable evergreen funnel.”

Mike Kim

Business Coach

“Duane really knows how to CONNECT……connect you technologically……so YOU can connect with your community……so you can connect THEM to their transformation……so THEY can connect others back with YOU!”

Daniela Nica

Business Building Strategist

“Duane and his team made many things happen without even needing my input and that was amazing to me. So often, consultants over-promise and under-deliver and Duane was the opposite.”

Danny Ozment

Owner of Emerald City Productions

“I’ve had some great results working with Duane and Duane’s team. He has solved many problems that we’ve had over almost a year relationship, and it’s the best find I’ve had in the last decade.”

Stuart Canzeri

Co-founder of Peachtree Financial Group and Peachtree College Planning

About Duane

When Duane Zingale is not lost in a Lego Fairytale with his two amazing daughters, 

He is likely to be found geeking out on crafting relationship-based marketing ecosystems with his LISTEN Framework.

And it’s not just about building a funnel for the sake of it.

Duane is emphatic about creating a connection through digital empathy…
… he is a Marketing Connection Consultant & Founder of the digital marketing group Legacy Catalyst…

This guy loves tech so that you and I don’t have to!

His Mission with Legacy Catalyst is to get behind more than just a business… but to champion movements that will change the world one life at a time leaving a lasting Legacy.

He likes to say when you leave your digital footprint today you start leaving your legacy for tomorrow.

And that’s why he believes starting a movement is the most powerful way to market and monetize your personal brand!

That’s why he launched the “Marketing Your Movement™ Show

To help personal brands such as coaches & consultants lead a transformational community and earn a return on their influence.

Duane helps his clients leverage automated marketing systems to create conversations in context …. Using his LISTEN Framework™ to build a relationship with potential clients through their customer journey.

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