Engage Your Audience Through the Automated Relationship Funnel.

Build a Story Based Marketing Strategy – Amplify your Voice – Attract The Right People

Develop a Complete Automated Marketing Funnel!  

Amplify your message and connect with your target audience in just 1 year”

What you’ll learn in one-on-one ​Consulting with me!

Program Structure

By Working Through The Story Based Marketing Blueprint Over A 12 Month Master Coaching program you will…

…Earn A Quick Win Each Month by implementing month to month steps!

1. Build you Brand Story

Blueprint your Brand to stand out with a Story Based Framework. Create your consistent set of brand guidelines that contain your Vision – Voice – Visual – & Values. 

Quick Win Corner Finish the Framework and have all your copy ready for your Website Homepage! Lead Traffic to a home page that creates engaging Sales!

2. Define Your Audience

Research your Ideal first Target Audience to speak the right message and reach out with the best knowledge.

Quick Win Corner — Fill in the persona template and start sending engaging Social content that engages users creating new conversations to continue learning about your target audience.

3. Begin Collecting Emails

Develop a fresh value driven piece of educational content that attracts new email leads. Work through the Content Upgrade Framework and 16 point checklist to create an amazing Lead Magnet and the followup email sequence to welcome and educate new leads. 

Quick Win Corner Finish the Checklist and be ready to quickly build a piece of content that you can offer. Write your first automated email series walking your new leads through your process to becoming clients!

4. Content Calendar

Quick Win Corner — Fill in the content calendar templates and blog post templates. Produce consistent content to keep attracting your audience to your website!

5. welcome your visitors

Quick Win Corner — Fill out the easy to use Welcome Series email templates and start creating connection with your new follows right away!

6. Upgrade Your Website

  • Weave Your Story Based Branding Guidelines further into your website.
  • Design from easy to use website themes and page templates
  • Quick Win Corner — Gain Access to my WordPress toolbox to COMPLETE your Authority Content website conveying your message and sharing your solutions thereby Attracting new followers.

    7. Create An Online Workshop

  • Deliver a Content Rich 3 – 4 Part Online Workshop, Helping people achieve big wins.
  • Build a rich and engaging series of teachings to serve up your path to success!
  • Quick Win Corner — Fill in the Launch Templates to complete your script, and use the Product Launch Theme to quickly create your webpages!

    8. Craft a Solid Presentation

  • By Developing a Webinar / Presentation Masterclass, you provide the opportunity for your audience to grow in their Hope and Belief!
  • Show how they can achieve success
  • Make an irresistible Offer
  • Quick Win Corner — Host a live feed to get instant feedback, questions, and see the power of Webinar Sales! Get going quickly with the easy to fill in Webinar Framework!

    9. Write Compelling Copy

  • Write the copy for a sales page that walks people through every question they don’t realize they are asking.
  • Help Your Prospect understand their pain, and the possible success from using your solution.
  • Quick Win Corner — Fill the Proven Sales Page Framework and Template. Create converting sales copy within a few days!

    10. Automating Your Marketing

  • Take your creations and automate each step through your sales pipeline.
  • Automate your Lead Generator, Workshop, & Webinar walking people through deepening the relationship.
  • Quick Win Corner — Write an Epic Blog Post that begins to fill your automated funnel consistently with new relationship potential!

    11. Keep Serving Your Clients and Prospects

  • Keep your clients attention with other offers.
  • Previous clients are the best Clients.
  • Keep your lead list clean with the resurrection campaign
  • Quick Win Corner — Plug your funnel holes by Filling in the Upsell and resurrection email templates that run based on activity.

    12. Analyze and Optimize

  • Keep the best KPI’s front and center
  • Keep learning your audience with easy to use A/B Testing
  • Take whats working best and repurpose the content
  • Quick Win Corner — Quickly Turn content into an A/B Test to optimize conversions with easy to use tools!

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