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About Duane

When I was merely 6 years old, my father (the man I looked up to most) was taken away to prison.

All of a sudden, my mother became a single parent and I was left to figure a lot of life out on my own. As a young man, I longed for a mentor to invite me under their wings.

I craved the guidance that I couldn’t get from my father because he was away.
I needed to be understood.
I longed to feel heard.

Unfortunately for many of those years, all I got were cliches and surface-level answers –– even from experts, leaders, and would-be mentors. Everything changed when I came across some content online from a coach during a pivotal season.

I clicked on this guy’s Facebook ad and his lead funnel content led me down a path of reinventing myself, changing my career, and doing what I do now.

An ad funnel helped change my life!

Your marketing & sales can transform someone’s Life!

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