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About Duane

When I was merely 6 years old, my father (the man I looked up to most) was taken away to prison.

All of a sudden, my mother became a single parent and I was left to figure a lot of life out on my own. As a young man, I longed for a mentor to invite me under their wings.

  • I craved the guidance that I couldn’t get from my father because he was away.
  • I needed to be understood.
  • I longed to feel heard.

Unfortunately for many of those years, all I got were cliches and surface-level answers –– even from experts, leaders, and would-be mentors. Everything changed when I came across some content online from a coach during a pivotal season.

I clicked on this guy’s Facebook ad and his lead funnel content led me down a path of reinventing myself, changing my career, and doing what I do now.

An ad funnel helped change my life!

Your marketing & sales can transform someone’s Life!

About DK

At the age of 19 I decided school wasn’t for me and applied to a door to door sales job posted on Craigslist, selling 5 gallon water coolers to small businesses all across town which developed my sales and communication skills that led me to the path of selling mortgages to tech software and even my own marketing agency to finally doing what I do now.

Today as a sales consultant, I have found that a staggering number of new business leaders set off on their own to forge a new career so quickly that they haven’t yet recognized that having a great idea, product or service will not automatically produce sales.

Many instead find themselves stuck with their great idea, not thriving, but floundering.

Being GOOD at selling in this continuously crowding marketplace is going to be the biggest advantage for anyone looking to survive and succeed in an entrepreneur role.

And I’m here to help you increase that advantage in your marketplace.

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