Reach Your Tribe & Increase Your Return With Automated Marketing

Present Your Knowledge So Your Customer Will Believe That
Your Solution Will Transform Their Life!

Align Your Message

Infuse your vision into your marketing messaging!

Amplify Your Voice

Expand your reach with a message awakening transformation and belief

Automate Your Marketing

Multiply your time & energy with digital automation to focus on your mission!

I Love Tech So You Don't Have to

Connect with people genuinely interested in engaging with your brand! Reaching Targeted Audiences converts 624% better than mass marketing!

What Clients Are Saying...

What Clients Are Saying...

“Duane was prompt, professional, and really took initiative on our projects. He was very ahead of the curve in helping us get our assets created and created a profitable evergreen funnel.”

Mike Kim

Business Coach

“I’ve been able to focus on creating content while automated marketing was scaling my subscription platform by 500%.”



“Duane really knows how to CONNECT……connect you technologically……so YOU can connect with your community……so you can connect THEM to their transformation……so THEY can connect others back with YOU!”

Daniela Nica

Business Building Strategist

“Duane Zingale has an uncanny ability to draw out the articulation of your unique messaging for communicating your vision clearly!”



“Duane and his team made many things happen without even needing my input and that was amazing to me. So often, consultants over-promise and under-deliver and Duane was the opposite.”

Danny Ozment

Owner of Emerald City Productions

“My marketing strategy is coming into focus working with Duane Zingale!”

Jeremy Parker


“I’ve had some great results working with Duane and Duane’s team. He has solved many problems that we’ve had over almost a year relationship, and it’s the best find I’ve had in the last decade.”

Stuart Canzeri

Co-founder of Peachtree Financial Group and Peachtree College Planning

“My marketing strategy is coming into focus working with Duane Zingale!”

Jeremy Parker



Assess your digital marketing and how best to connect with your audience.


Clearly articulate your message with a Story Based Marketing Script.


Layout the Perfect Web Page Pathway and watch your business scale and grow while you sleep.


Continue improving and scaling your marketing advantage through analysis and optimization of your key performance metrics.

Uncover the Right Strategy to Market Your Movement

Relationships matter just as much as results.

Build relationships, and rapport with your potential clients through the LISTEN framework™

About Duane Zingale

I help Mission Driven Businesses and ministries articulate their Voice and develop a marketing strategy to engage their tribe with Inspirational messaging.

Expedite Campaign Construction

Put the pedal to the metal!
Contract a conversation catalyst execution team! Develop a portion or the entire marketing blueprint.

The Mission

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect. Clarify the Articulation of your Dream. Catalyze your Legacy! Communicate your valuable contribution to the world.

Identify what’s not working in your sales funnel

9 steps for Investigating your marketing system to fix what is broken and not working!

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Discover The 6 Touch-Points of Relationship-Based Marketing Automation!

Build trust with your marketing using the
6-sequential steps influencing your audience towards their life transformation!